Dear Miss Lonely Heart New

Dear Miss Lonely Heart

How many times will Shelby Tate, editor of Agape Today magazine, place an ad for a “Write to the Heart” columnist? Not just anyone will do. The magazine’s owner requires the person to be single – after all, who better to advise the unmarried? But keeping her columnists single is the challenge, as one by one they find love. It seems that as soon as a new Miss Lonely Heart begins writing, a reader’s letter captures her attention…and before long, the author of that letter captivates her heart.

Including Mission: Marriage by Aisha Ford

Melanie Taylor has a heart for helping people, and used to dispense advice freely until she ruined her best friend’s romance and completely embarrassed herself. The job for Agape Today seems perfect for her–letting her remain completely anonymous while still working as a nanny. Could her advice to a shy young man help her open the door to a relationship with her employer’s aloof brother?



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Flipping the Script New

Flippin’ The Script

Sabrina Bradley is living her dream as an up and coming producer at one of the hottest daytime talk shows. And, despite the distractions of a difficult boss and a budding office romance, her career advancement goals are within her reach.

But her life is further complicated when she accepts a strings-attached promotion. Her job: to produce a year long series about people who struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. There’s only one hitch. She has to star in the segment and keep all of her own resolutions–including an ill-timed resolution that she would¬†not fall in love!

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Just Desserts

This novella was originally published in Barbour’s Kiss The Bride 4-in-one novella collection.

Once upon a time, Monica Ryan and Gil Butler’s families were inseparable, and so were Monica and Gil, who spent their childhood and adolescence at their families’ soul food restaurant.

But a business disagreement between their fathers put an end to any ideas concerning a happily ever after. Gil’s family continued to run the smokehouse, and Monica’s family took their prize-winning sweet potato pie recipe and pooled their resources into opening a bakery.

Years later, Monica and Gil are thrown into business together again, but they are reluctant to fully trust each another this time around.

Is there forgiveness in the air, or is one of the two plotting to serve the other their Just Desserts?

Bonus: This novella includes a traditional Sweet Potato Pie Recipe.

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Kiss the Bride New

Kiss the Bride: Angel Food / Just Desserts / A Recipe for Romance / Tea for Two (Heartsong Novella Collection)

4-in-One Novella Collection featuring titles by Kristy Dykes, Aisha Ford, Vickie McDonough and Carrie Turansky.

Four young women meet at a restaurant owners conference: Angel from Florida, Monica from Missouri, Haley from Oklahoma, and Allison from New Jersey. The four women discover they share the same faiths, fears, and hopes, including a lack of a love story in their lives.

They vow to keep in touch, pray for one another, and meet again at next years conference. What happens in between is an smorgasbord of changed lives, challenged faiths, new dedications and directions, and romantic twists that turn next year’s conference reunion plans into reservations for eight.

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Madam C.J. Walker New

Madam C.J. Walker: The Rise of Industry 1870-1900 (Amazing Americans (McGraw Hill)

Madam C.J. Walker: The Rise of Industry 1870-1900 is a nonfiction textbook written for Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

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Missouri Gateways New

Missouri Gateways

Missouri Gateways Complete Collection

From the Gateway Arch to the City of Fountains, this stirring compilation of romances occurs in the bookend cities of Missouri: Kansas City and St. Louis.
In St. Louis, you’ll meet Dana, a skeptic about the new employee’s ideas of marketing-and love; meanwhile, golf instructor Evette just wants to keep her relationships professional.
Straight across I-70 you’ll find western warmth as Stacy, a wedding planner, determines not to tie her own knots; and for Maddy, a childhood crush on Jordan finally seems to be reciprocated.

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Pride and Pumpernickel New

Pride and Pumpernickel

Missouri Gateways Book 3: Who says change is a good thing? Dana Edwards doesn’t think so. The familiar and the predictable define her comfort zone, especially where her job managing a bakery is concerned. As a gourmet chef, Ethan Miles is the opposite–always looking for a new angle, a fresh take on an old favorite.

When Dana’s boss hires Ethan to revive the bakery’s failing popularity, a battle develops between Mr. New and Miss Tried and True.

But when the two start to fall in love, they quickly realize that separating work from romance will be difficult–especially when they disagree about who’s right and who’s not. Will pride be the downfall of this romance?

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Promises to Keep New

Promises To Keep

3-in-One Novel Collection: Aisha Ford is author of The Joy Business and A Change of Script (writing as Lillian Meredith)

The Joy Business: Nicholas Bryant has allowed circumstances to turn him into a modern day Scrooge. But Audra Clayton, owner of “Joy Year Round” celebrates Christmas every day. When Nick moves in next door to Audra, he wonders if he’s made a terrible mistake. He can’t look out his window without being reminded of the holiday he no longer celebrates. After circumstances place the two together for a community project, they find it hard to ignore one another. When Nick takes his complaint about Audra’s Christmas display to the Homes Association, will his actions pull the plug on his neighbor’s Christmas lights and their budding romance?

Also included in Promises to Keep: Someone for Toni by Cecelia Dowdy and A Change of Script by Lillian Meredith.

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Stacy's Wedding New

Stacy’s Wedding

Missouri Gateways Book 1: As a professional wedding planner, Stacy Thompson has seen the best and the worst in love–from the joyous couples to toppled wedding cakes. When she meets Max Edwards and finds herself in a whirlwind of romance, her fear of a serious relationship is on a collision course with the overwhelming attraction he stirs in her.

But as Max and Stacy get acquainted, they each struggle with personal fears and real communication. When the revelation of a well-hidden secret threatens to shatter the foundation of their developing love, will their growing honesty strengthen their love, or will Stacy’s dream wedding disappear in the harsh light of reality?

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The Wife Degree News

The Wife Degree

Missouri Gateways Book 2:  In the second grade, Madison Thompson fell in love with the boy next door. But Jordan Sanders never really noticed her. Instead, he teased her for getting good grades. And in high school he and his friends made fun of her. But he never gave her the attention for which her heart yearned. In reality, he broke her heart.

Over the years, Jordan has changed. Maddy can see the difference in his life, and she can’t help falling in love all over again. But can Maddy learn those things that make a woman attractive as a wife? Will cooking classes bring Maddy and Jordan closer, or only lead her down a new path of disappointment?

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